Community Post: “Dirty Dancing” Hotel Goes Up In Flames

NBC News reports that the Catskills condominium complex (former Brown’s Hotel) that inspired Dirty Dancing has gone up in flames.

There were no casualties in the Grandview Condominiums fire with six firefighters hospitalized for minor injuries reports the Times-Herald Record.

Photo credit: Michele Haskell

While this fallen classic Catskills resort is what inspired screenwriter, Eleanor Bergstein to write Dirty Dancing, the movie was actually filmed in two locations: Mountain Lake in Virginia for the exterior and cabin scenes, while the famous lake scene was filmed at Lake Lure in North Carolina.

But don’t you worry that 80s-nostalgic head of yours, you too, can experience a Dirty Dancing Weekend at the Mountain Lake resort in Virginia. Yes, Viriginia, there is a WHOLE weekend dedicated to ALL thing dirty AND dancing.

Before your start working on your number for the Big Show (Saturday night, y’all), feast your eyes on what your Dirty Dancing Weekend could be!!!

Video available at:

9. No word on whether putting Baby in the corner is a planned activity.

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