Community Post: The Year 2013 Captured In 13 Crafts

1. Miley Cyrus Amigurumi

UnicornReality / Via

This Miley Cyrus amigurumi is so adorable that it’s wrecking the cuteness meter.

2. Grumpy Cat Mask

Grumpy Cat isn’t even two years old yet but has already achieved world domination, from the New York Times bestseller list to the Cat Video Film Festival. With the grumpy cat mask you can put on a sourpuss face any time you want (and hide those feelings of unbridled joy underneath).

3. Beyoncé ‘Miss Third Ward’ Paper Doll / Via RabiscoPop

Beyoncé’s album may have been a secret, but once it dropped crafters were out in full force, creating an homage you can put on your desk so she’ll always be near.

4. Minecraft Cross Stitch

CraftFoxes / Via

Although Minecraft has been around for a few years, this world-building video game really hit pay dirt in 2013. When you need to take a break from making weapons and fighting monsters, you can always make a Minecraft cross-stitch.

5. Crocheted Royal Prince George Bib and Nursery Decor

Red Heart Yarns / Via

The most anticipated baby of the year, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, inspired a flurry of bootie and bib making activities across England and beyond. Even if your wee one is a mere commoner, give him or her the royal treatment with one of these knitting and crochet projects.

6. ‘Breaking Bad’ Party Favors / Via BakinBit

The epic TV series “Breaking Bad” came to an end this year with a (spoiler alert!) bang. Even if you’re just catching it now on DVD, there’s no reason you can’t throw a “Breaking Bad” party complete with blue crystal candy and Jesse Pinkman’s favorite snacks.

7. Red Sox Paper Beard / Via SouthShoreMamas

When the Red Sox won the World Series in October, many fans credited the victory to the team members’ full-on “Duck Dynasty” beards. If your kid wears this paper beard, he or she will be guaranteed to win the admiration of whiskered hipsters from Beantown to, well, parts of Brooklyn.

8. ‘Duck Dynasty’ Kids’ Birthday Party / Via AroundMyFamilyTable

For reasons both good and bad, the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” made a splash in 2013. These suggestions for a “Duck Dynasty”-themed kids’ birthday party are both genius (duck cupcake toppers) and a little disconcerting (camouflage toy gun favors).

9. Pope Francis Paper Bag Puppet / Via CatcholicIcing

Here’s a fun way to introduce the new Pope (and Time’s Person of the Year) to kids, via paper-bag puppets. (You supply the fire and brimstone.)

10. Barack Obama Shrinky Dink Earrings

Cur Out and Keep / Via

When you’re wearing these POTUS profile earrings, Barack Obama always has your ear.

11. Gay Marriage Cake Topper

EquallyWed / Via

Take a clothespin and turn it into a statement of equality with just a little acrylic paint.

12. What Does The Fox Crochet? / Via Goodknits

The Fox crochets this precious hat, for starters! Follow this simple pattern, and you can make this hat and freak out to Ylvis’s novelty hit “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)”. Strobe lights, fog machine, and back-up dancers not included.

13. Sharknado Cupcakes / Via Nerdy Nummies

Just try to resist the onslaught of frosting and cake that comes in a Sharknado wrapper!

For more, check out CraftFoxes’ crafts of 2013.

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