Community Post: 33 Reasons Why Karl Pilkington Is A Lovable Div

1. When he dresses as a woman, he leaves his beard.

The results are horrifying.

2. Like, really really disturbing.

The chest hair adds to the effect.

3. He’s perceptive.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anyone eating a twix.

4. He’s looking out for your health.

*Note: this is most likely a wild falsehood.

5. He isn’t afraid of his sexuality

or anyone else’s.

6. Well he’s got the general gist

7. He’s philosophical.

A real deep thinker

8. He isn’t easily impressed.

10. His animated face is probably the greatest thing ever.

It simultaneously looks exactly like him AND an orange.

12. He’s confident with who he is as a person.

You wish you had this self esteem.

13. He’s a friend to the animals.

Or maybe he’s just food for the animals.

14. Okay so maybe he’s not a friend to the animals.

15. But he does empathize with insects.

16. His logic isn’t always reliable.

But it does make for a good laugh.

17. He makes this face a lot.

18. Like pretty much all the time.

19. It’s possible he doesn’t have another face.

20. He knows his boundaries.

You know you’d rather be watching Netflix too.

21. He wants to help.

But in the most impractical way possible.

22. His likeness makes for a delightful wall decoration.

And that’s his poem too! Multi-talented!

23. He’s an inventor.

If I ever had to poop in the woods, I think I’d want this chair minus the staples.

24. He’s a survivor.

And possibly a cannibal.

25. He’s relatable.

I don’t walk away from a packet of biscuits either.

26. His life is made up of a plethora of colorful characters.

Even if they’re probably imaginary.

27. He’ll protect you from all types of attacks

or at least call the attacker a knobhead.

28. He has specific criteria for choosing a life partner.

29. He hangs out with hippos in the living room

30. He’s a fantastic dancer.


31. We all like to snack at night don’t we?

32. He’s high class.

33. And finally, he’s brave.

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