Stealth Romney Ad Quotes Hillary Clinton

Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign launched a stealth ad in Ohio, POLITICO first reported this morning.

The ad is also running in Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Nevada, according to the tracking service TVEyes. It began airing on morning television programs today.

The ad features Hillary Clinton attacking Obama during the contentious 2008 Democratic primary, for spending millions of dollars perpetuating falsehoods.

She adds, So shame on you, Barack Obama.

Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith sends this response to the ad:

Mitt Romney might not like the facts of his private sector record: that he was a ‘pioneer’ of outsourcing and reaped massive profits while bankrupting companies and laying off workers, but that is exactly what he did as a corporate buyout specialist. And that’s not just Romney’s record, it’s what he’s proposing today. In fact, he’s promised to give budget-busting tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans on the middle class’ dime and allow corporations to avoid U.S. taxes on overseas profits, which would encourage companies to move jobs abroad. America can’t afford an outsourcer-in-chief in the Oval Office.

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