Friendly Dog Rides The Bus By Herself All The Time To Get To The Park (Video)

Seattle’s Jeff Young was finishing a cigarette outside the bus stop when his dog, Eclipse, started getting antsy.

The 2-year-old Black Labrador and Bullmastiff mix knew they were going to the dog park and was so excited that she got on the bus while her owner continued to smoke on the sidewalk.

Young, who lives near a bus stop in Belltown, WA, near Seattle, trusted Eclipse’s observational skills and went to the dog park to meet her.

And sure enough, she rode for three or four stops before spotting the park out the window and exiting the vehicle.

Residents have now become used to seeing the dog repeat the act on a regular basis, KOMO News reports.

One commuter said,

All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does.

Eclipse rides the bus on her own several times a week, sitting next to strangers and watching intently for her stop.

She even licks her seat to make sure it’s clean.

Young told KOMO News that Eclipse has lived in Belltown all her life, so she is very familiar with the bus routes and general geography of the area.

He says that he is constantly contacted by worried callers who fear the dog is lost.

He said,

Probably once a week I get a phone call. ‘Hi. I have your dog Eclipse here on 3rd and Bell.’ I have to tell them, ‘no. She’s fine.’ She knows what she’s doing.

Eclipse brightens up the daily commute for many, Young added, so he never restrains his dog when she makes for the bus steps.

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