After A Refugee Family Got Separated From Their Beloved Pet, The Reunion Is Priceless

Pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. They’re there for you when you ned a pick-me-up, and they’re always happy to greet you when you come home from a hard day.

Whenever I see a lost pet poster, it breaks my heart. I can’t imagine what it’s like knowing that your baby is out there somewhere, maybe hungry, hurt, and alone. When a family loses a pet, there’s an empty space in everyone’s heart that can never be filled unless that furry family member is found again.

When one refugee family left their war-torn home of Iraq, the mother and her five children couldn’t imagine life with out their sweet kitty, Kunkush. Leaving their feline family member simply was not an option, so they decided to take him along for the big journey ahead of them.

However, when they arrived in Greece, Kunkush got frightened, and bolted off from his family. Cats aren’t always the best travelers, as they can be skittish. Unfortunately, Kunkush was one of those kitties.

The family had to keep moving along, but their cat was nowhere to be found. They had no choice but to leave him, wherever he was, and hope that someone would take care of him in their stead.

When a Good Samaritan saw this raggedy kitten on the street, she made it her duty to find his rightful home.

The tears tell the rest of the story on their own…

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