Owner Catches Pet Bird On Camera Belting Out Hysterical Attempt At Sias Chandelier

There are some people out there with undeniable talent. In this case, the talented one is actually a bird.

Thislittle green parrot was perched on a rod in his black metal cage when he decided to share his voice with the world or at least his owner, who filmed it all.

The parrot began singing his own feathery cover of Sia’s Chandelier. He had big shoes to fill if he was going to perform this hit song.

With his cage acting as his own personal stage, the parrot let his inherent melodic skills guide him through the song.

When his owner began recording, the green bird sang, “I want to fly,” forgetting the next part, “like a bird through the night.”

He quickly moved on to the high notes that were trickled throughout the entire song. The fowl repeatedly belted out, “I want to swing from the chandelier!”

“1,2,3 – 1,2,3, drink,” He continued.

Although our feathered friend wasn’t singing the entire song the way it was meant to be performed, he was still doing an unexpectedly decent job. We all know that parrots love to repeat phrases, but this little guy was definitely on-key and everything. In the end, it is clear that thisparrot’s singing skillsare worthy of being envied, maybe even by some people.

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Originally found athttp://littlethings.com/

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