People Are Freaking Out Because They Cant Tell If This Pet Is A Cat Or Dog

This optical illusion has people all over the internet freaking out. No one can tell if this furry pet named Atchoum is a cat or a dog.

When Atchoum’s human posted the photo on Twitter, it was retweeted over 12,000 times as users tried to figure out what they were looking at.

It was revealed that Atchoum is actually a Persian cat with a condition called hypertrichosis, or werewolf syndrome, which causes excessive hair growth.

The abundance of fur can make Atchoum look a lot more like a small, fluffy dog. The gray kitty seems like a pretty good substitute for those who are allergic to dogs but still want one!

His human, Nathalie, adopted the Atchoum from a veterinarian in Quebec, Canada. Due to his hypertrichosis, his hair and nails began to grow dangerously long.

Atchoum had to be declawed. He also has abnormally small teeth. In fact, he is the only cat documented to have this rare condition. Fortunately, Nathalie is a groomer who works at a veterinary clinic, thus, the the cat is able to receive the round the clock care he needs.

Could you tell he was a cat from the moment you saw him, or were you a little confused? Let us know in the comments!

Video Credit: Atchoum The Cat / Facebook

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