Grandson Records His Grandmas Hysterically Entertaining First Trip To The Pet Store

Grandparents always seem to be the ones enjoying their grandchildren. They can’t get enough of them, and they can’t spoil them enough, either.

Thelittle grandbabiesare so fascinating, entertaining, and enjoyable to their grandparents,not only because they’re an example of the youth they once had, but because they are the next best thing to their own child or maybe even better.

That’s why they love them so much. But, as that little tyke gets older, the grandparents start to become amusement for the kids, too.

They love teaching them new things about the modern world, and also hearing the words of wisdom from older times.

The cycle of life is a beautiful thing, and often an entertaining one, too.

Thatleads us into this interesting and adorable video that this grandson made of his grandmother.

Apparently, this is her first time at a pet store, and her grandson had an absolute ball by taking her through each section and watching her interact with all of the animals.

He makes a few unconventional jokes, but ultimately, I think that this grandson and his grandmother have a great relationship.

It’s sweet to see them spending time together, and even with their banter, everything about this video is pretty endearing if you ask me!

What’s your favorite grandma-animal interaction in this video? Let us know in the comments!

Due to restrictions, this video cannot

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