Trainee Guide Dog Meets His Hero At Disneyland And It’s Too Much

As someone who doesn’t own a dog, I can relate to how this trainee guide dog felt when it met Pluto. I get the same when someone brings a dog onto the tube, and yes – I do lie on the floor. Obvs.

The dog in this video, Ace, is currently learning how to be a guide dog for the blind and was on a training outing at the Florida theme park with volunteer trainer Sandy Steinblums when they bumped into Pluto.

The moment, shared earlier this week on Disney Dorks, has beenviewed over 15 million times in three days and people are loving it. Probably because that’s how we wish we could react at Disneyland, but unfortunately we’re ‘adults’… whatever that means.

We can’t even be mad that, for a little while, Ace seemed to forget his training. For those of you who aren’t aware, guide dogs are ‘at work’ when they are wearing their little vest – and shouldn’t be petted by the public or react to attention given to them.

Ace, despite only being in training since the end of January, managed to pretty much remain obedient. This can be seen towards the end of the video, and was seen afterwards.

His trainer Sandy Steinblums said that despite the excitement he did respond to the ‘stay’ command – that Pluto gave him!

This was a training outing and I was too far back to do a proper correction, but golly-be.he responded anyway, Sandy wrote.

She explained:

It will be 6-9 months of extensive training with licensed trainers before Ace has the opportunity to graduate as a guide dog and has the right match in a human partner.

I am proud of him and love the Disney characters for being so kind and helpful!’

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