Lafeber Company Nutri-Berries Parrot Pet Food, 3.25-Pound

Lafeber Company Nutri-Berries Parrot Pet Food, 3.25-Pound

  • Classic Nutri-Berries are excellent as a complete meal or as a special treat
  • Nutritionally balanced and naturally preserved
  • Omega 3 and 6 balanced
  • Naturally flavored with molasses
  • Convenient to feed

Classic Nutri-Berries are the food that doesn’t underestimate your bird’s good taste…or intelligence. Nobody knows your bird’s diet better than Lafeber. Nobody, that is, except your bird. Contrary to what many believe, birds don’t eat with just their beaks. They eat with their brains, too. In the wild, a bird will hunt for all kinds of food. Flavorful foods, colorful foods, foods that are fun, even playful to eat. And, intuitively, they get the foods they need. It’s a difference you’ll notice, too. Your bird will thrive on the stimulation and beak exercise it provides. In fact, 96% of the berry gets eaten. Which means it’s not just smart nutrition, it’s a smart buy, too. And at home? They fuss, they pick and get more food on the floor than in their beaks. Consequently, they not only miss out on the joy of eating – they miss out on nutrition too. Minimum waste. Maximum nutrition. Nutri-Berries are different. They’re made with savory peanuts, hulled canary seed, cracked corn and other tempting ingredients. They’re colorful, richly textured and invitingly shaped. It’s a difference your bird can see, taste and touch.

List Price: $ 26.59

Price: $ 16.95

会社四季報 the kaisha shikiho (Japan Company Handbook) (Digital)

『会社四季報』は東洋経済新報社が年4回(3月、6月、9月、12月中旬)発行する上場企業の特色・業績・財務内容・株価の動きなど独自取材で得た情報をコンパクトにまとめた企業情報ハンドブックです。取引先の調査やマーケティングなどビジネス用途から株式投資、更に学生の就職情報ソースとして、およそ日本の会社を知るのに最適な雑誌です。 ※サイズ約6.0MB。通常のZinioの電子雑誌よりダウンロードに時間がかかることがあります。

List Price: 19.37

Price: 19.37

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