Aroma trees Hummingbird Button Feeder Kit Reviews

Aroma trees Hummingbird Button Feeder Kit

  • Three handheld feeders sets of instructions and 6 packs of sugar are included
  • This included 2 small cone shaped brushes
  • Receive illustrated hummingbird postcard and bookmark
  • The included all natural wood and wool fabrics
  • Included e-book hummingbird 101 this illustrated guide will teach about how to attract, feed, care

Whether you are a longtime hummingbird enthusiast or just beginning to appreciate the tiny birds beauty this Complete Handheld Hummingbird Button Feeder Kit is sure to amaze and delight you. With its bright flower shaped handheld feeders hummingbirds are drawn intimately close to you. Complete with everything you need to learn about, attract, and feed hummingbirds this kit encourages hummingbirds to come right to your hands to drink the sweet nectar they desire. Inside the handheld hummingbird kit you will find THREE(3) flower feeders, food, Bookmark and Instruction Tip all natural nesting beautifully illustrated postcard cleaning brush and informative e-book. Make feeding hummingbirds a personal experience as hummingbirds come right to your hands. Package Included THREE(3) MINI HAND HELD HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS, SIX PACKS OF HUMMINGBIRD SAFE NECTAR MIX, BOOKMARK AND INSTRUCTION TIPS(1), BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATED POSTCARD(1), TWO(2) CLEANING BRUSH TO CLEAN HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER AND ALL SMALL PLACE , ALL NATURAL NESTING MATERIAL, EBOOK HUMMINGBIRD 101(PDF)

List Price: $ 21.00

Price: $ 21.00

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