Platinum Pets 1 Cup Embossed Non-Tip Stainless Steel Cat Bowl, Sapphire Blue

Platinum Pets 1 Cup Embossed Non-Tip Stainless Steel Cat Bowl, Sapphire Blue

  • Stainless Steel 8oz Cat Bowl
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Embossed with fish.
  • Skid stop rubber base to hold bowl in place as well as prevent scratches on floor.
  • FDA Compliant and EU Certified Finish

The Platinum Pets Stainless Steel Embossed Non-Tip Cat Bowl’s unique design will add color to your cat’s meal every day. The stainless steel bowl is tastefully embossed with fish bones. Available in a multitude of colors, the bowl is powder coated in a FDA compliant and dishwasher-safe finish. The powder coated finish adds extra strength against wear and tear and weather and a lifetime guarantee against rust. Each bowl comes with a durable rubber base designed to prevent spills and tipping by your hungry kitty. Bowls are measured in fluid ounces and are rounded up to quart sizes.

Price: $ 5.00

暮らしの日本語指さし会話帳1フィリピン語版 (Digital)

This book is published to help Filipino speaker in Japan enjoy a richer life. Useful at work,at school and in the neighborhood more than 6,000words and phrases!! There are Japanese and Filipino phrases in this book. It is diveided into 61 conversational situations.Each situation is filled eith practical content to help get by eith daily life.Also you’ll be able to enjoy simple conversations with people about hobbies,popular trends,Japanese culture,and so on. It is very useful for studying Japanese. Especially,the original illustration written in this book will help you find words very quickly even if you are in a hurry. In addition, Chapeter 2 provedes tips for making friends with Japanese and for living comfortably in Japan. Why will you use this book to enhance your Japanese life! 「旅の指さし会話帳」の新シリーズ!この書籍は日本で暮らすフィリピン語圏の方のための会話帳です。 様々な場面で本当に役立つ言葉を厳選しているので、フィリピン語圏から来た方々と接する機会のある日本人にとっても、会話ツールとしてお使い頂けます。生活ルール、各種手続きなど、日本に住む外国人の方々に役立つ言葉を6000語以上収録。 すべての言葉やフレーズにフィリピノ語と日本を併記していますので、誰でも簡単にお使い頂けるようにデザインされています。 生活ルール、災害予防局のハンドブックとしてや、外国人労働者・研修生を受ける企業様の研修ツールとしてご活用ください。 ●「指さし」および「YUBISASHI」は株式会社情報センター出版局の登録商標です。 ●「YUBISASHI」は株式会社情報センター出版局の国際登録商標です。 (c)2012 Joho Center Publishing Co,.Ltd.

List Price: 12.59

Price: 12.59

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